Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WSOP Tournaments: Battle Of The Sharpest Minds

Back in the indistinct days of gambling, players were playing poker just for fun and pure entertainment. Money is not that a big issue and people enjoy this game as their past time. 

However, when Lester “Benny” Binion, owner of Horseshoe Casino had an idea of making a battle between Moss and the Greek in 1970, he invited the most prominent poker players that he know and open the first official World Series Of Poker tournament in Las Vegas. And the face of poker changed when the clash of the sharpest minds in began. That was also the time when the biggest names of poker arose and made histories with their own styles of playing, and unpredictable theories which nowadays became a great foundation used by almost all players around the world. 

That was also the time when the WSOP tournament became so popular and continued to produce world-class players such as Doyle Brunson, Jhonny Moss, Brian “Sailor” Roberts, and many more. In online casino world, the tournament was still the outstanding among other online poker tournaments because of it's great foundation.

Nowadays, Whether in online or brick and mortar casinos, poker has now dominated almost all aspects of gambling entertainment. Again, it's because of WSOP. The battle of the sharpest minds is still on going in the most prestige tournament in the world. 

When Jhonny Moss dominated the WSOP in the late 1970's, he inspired other players to become one of the most popular in this game. In 1988, the so-called “cowboy of poker” became a World Series Of Poker hall of fame, 18 years after Moss had became one. 

And who could ever forget the “poker prodigy” Stu Ungar? The only man who won three times in each Super Bowl and WSOP tournaments in poker. He shocked the world of gambling and put other aspiring stars in poker under his feet when he won those major tournaments.

Those names mentioned above are all in the list of WSOP's hall of fame. The big question is, who really has the sharpest mind among them? Well, we won't be able to come up with a conclusion as the World Series Of Poker is still held every year and new champions are still continue to rise. 

Just last year, Barry Greenstein, the new poker hall of fame and called the “Robin Hood of Poker” because he steals money from the “fish” (if you are a poker player, you definitely know what I mean). Good thing about him is that he donated big amount of his winnings from the tournament making him a history maker not because of his skills but also of his generosity.

Every poker player has its own way to make them popular. And this year's WSOP tournament, there will surely be a new champion and hall of fame that will be added to the list of World Series Of Poker. We still have no confirmed schedule from online gambling news websites on when will be the start of the tournament this year. 

Though we don't really have an idea of who will become the champion, we can still have an assurance of watching a very exciting clash of the titans of poker in the upcoming WSOP tournaments.

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