Monday, November 14, 2011

Kyrgyzstan To Ban All Casino Opportunities Completely

Kyrgyzstan parliament – or the so-called Kyrgyz Republic is one of the well-known countries which has the largest city capital named Bishkek. This country has never been headlined in gambling news for quite a long time until an unexpected news has risen. Kyrgyzstan will be having a proposal to prohibit all types of casinos in their country. This proposal will cover all types of casino gaming like playing all land based and online casino games.
Therefore, This means that all gambling operators will be required to shut down all their gambling operations as soon as the proposal is passed. This is also to remind everyone that Kyrgyzstan will not be the right destination for any kind of gambling.

Friday, November 11, 2011

UGC – Increased Online Gambling Popularity Problems

Online Gambling popularity has grown according to United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UGC) poll. They released a report that the so-called remote gambling is on the rise and still on its way to reach the pinnacle of its popularity. For some instances, all form of online gambling are under remote gambling like playing online casino games using PCs or laptops, WAP enabled phones, or even gambling through mobile phones.

In the recent studies, it reveals that UK consumers are spending most of their waking time in using their mobile phones, watching TV, internet, and other communication devices specially those ones that are powered by the latest technologies.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ireland Hustles On Online Gambling Tax

Ireland, November 10, 2011

Minister of Ireland Michael Noonan said that they are still working on gambling legislation to tax online gambling bets placed in Emerald Isle, Ireland. The main reason of this is to regain revenues that are going outside their country and they are hoping that something will be accomplished this year. But Noonan have said that they will be having a hard time in getting those taxes and they were still working on something for them to regain those revenues.

He said that it's really a tough work because when Irish citizens start to gamble at online casino sites, online poker rooms, and sports betting sites that are located overseas, the transactions are automatically processed outside Ireland and Irish people are required to follow the jurisdiction of a foreign government.