Friday, February 3, 2012

2,000 Gambling Addicts In Ireland Seek Help In Just a Week

Gambling addiction in Ireland has been a fatal crisis because it has already reached the so-called “epidemic proportions” because more than 2000 have been struggling with gambling addiction and attending counseling meetings weekly. An anonymous gambling group in Ireland confirmed that the numbers of addicts have been doubled in the last 10 years.

The group claimed that more meetings will be held in the upcoming weeks to provide for the demand because the problem is growing fast beyond they expected.

The support service has said that the addiction was shared beyond both sexes, with over a hundred women who seek help for them to overcome their struggles in spending too much in casinos and bingo halls, as well as wasting their primary savings on scratchcards and lotteries.

They also verified that majority of those who just started the sessions weren't able to continue and got back to their old ways. A spokesman in Ireland said that online gambling is one of the great sources of entertainment, it's also the reason why it's a huge problem nowadays.

He added that whatever casino games like slots, poker, etc., the danger of getting a person to become a gambling addict is very close because the excitement might lead her/him to stay awake all night in front the his/her computer searching for the next big win in playing online casino games.

The spokesman also said that because of gambling, people are spending more than they ever could. One reason they've noticed why people are engaging themselves in gambling was the recession or economic slowdown.

People are finding their own ways to pay their debts and also to solve some financial problems. And gambling is one of their main options to earn money without knowing the devastating effects that they might reaped. They sometimes get to bingo halls or sign up to a best online casino site to gamble.

When you think of some big events like Cheltenham, you would probably see that gambling is very much in the Irish psyche” added by the spokesman. “But majority of the people still don't realize how rapidly gambling can get you out of control. If addiction takes place, it will surely destroy everything in your life including your family and those closest to you.”

The spokesman called out if there's someone who has a gambling addiction problem, or they already realized that they are in a big trouble with gambling, don't hesitate to get in touch with them and they will make some ways to get you out of that addiction.

It's true that too much gambling can possibly 'cause big problems like losing your job, unhappy or broken family, or even can lead to crimes. Always remember that gambling was made only for past time and entertainment. However, you can still read online gambling news about gambling addiction problem and it's still continues to elevate as the years go by. Gambling was not designed to destroy one's life, but generally, everything that is misused or too much is definitely dangerous. 

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