Monday, November 14, 2011

Kyrgyzstan To Ban All Casino Opportunities Completely

Kyrgyzstan parliament – or the so-called Kyrgyz Republic is one of the well-known countries which has the largest city capital named Bishkek. This country has never been headlined in gambling news for quite a long time until an unexpected news has risen. Kyrgyzstan will be having a proposal to prohibit all types of casinos in their country. This proposal will cover all types of casino gaming like playing all land based and online casino games.
Therefore, This means that all gambling operators will be required to shut down all their gambling operations as soon as the proposal is passed. This is also to remind everyone that Kyrgyzstan will not be the right destination for any kind of gambling.

Reports published by the BBC has stated that there was no recorded or received opposition (from the government or some parties) against this proposal that has been made by Kyrgyzstan parliament. According to the reports regarding on this issue, one main reason that pushed legislators in this country to propose a complete ban against gambling is that they have seen lots of news around the globe that compulsive gambling is the most severe problem all through society.

The house of representatives of Kyrgyzstan are putting the blame to all form of gambling. And this is the reason why they want to ban this activity. However, The law that they are about to make will be designating a certain place where people will be allowed to gamble and play their favorite casino games.

They have not released a report or an online gambling news if they will also allow online gambling operators to operate with certain limits. About the place where they will allow gambling, there are still no concrete information about it, but they said that it was to be announced as soon as possible.

And of course, it was totally a bad news for some people who are working in casinos and to those who love to play online casino games in their country. This means that they will lose all their casino opportunities in spite of the news that the law that will be proposed will designate a certain place to gamble. The people started to protest to stop the bill from getting approved.

One of the supporters of this law from Kyrgyzstan Fatherland Party who decided to remain anonymous said that the parliament is just becoming very concerned with the devastating effects of gambling to one's life, specially in families. The council hopes to put the ban and will become effective by early 2012 upon signing by the president of Kyrgyzstan.

But there are still many factors that need to be considered because the president is not totally in favor of banning all forms of gambling in his country. Another thing is, the reelections are coming up early next month. This is one of the biggest problems that the law will face because not all the officers that will be elected are in favor of this law. 

It might take a very long time before the bill can put into effect. For now, the people of Kyrgyzstan still have some casino opportunities because the law is not yet effective.

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