Friday, November 11, 2011

UGC – Increased Online Gambling Popularity Problems

Online Gambling popularity has grown according to United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UGC) poll. They released a report that the so-called remote gambling is on the rise and still on its way to reach the pinnacle of its popularity. For some instances, all form of online gambling are under remote gambling like playing online casino games using PCs or laptops, WAP enabled phones, or even gambling through mobile phones.

In the recent studies, it reveals that UK consumers are spending most of their waking time in using their mobile phones, watching TV, internet, and other communication devices specially those ones that are powered by the latest technologies.

Most gambling services which also offer mobile are licensed and located offshore. This is mainly due to the fact that gambling industry taxes in UK makes business considerably unbalance. To give you a good example, Gibraltar has recently given William Hill Online a license and allowed to move to Gibraltar, that caused them to save more or less £15 million annually in the process.

While Denmark which has a different taxation percentage for online gambling operations, the United Kingdom seems to be unwilling to even think of ways on how to improve or fix something in their online gambling taxation, or even revising tax laws. I wonder if they are not aware of this or they just don't see the bigger picture.

The boundless availability of the internet and devices that have an internet access are the main reasons why online gambling popularity is increasing. These are also the factors that sometimes lead to irresponsible gambling which is a real concern for the government. The minister of Tourism and Heritage of Britain, John Penrose has announced that they would make some plans to battle it earlier this year.

He made a proposal to protect the British citizens from getting addicted to gambling by requiring gambling companies or organizations to have a license that will allow them to operate in Britain whether or not they are based on Britain regions.

Penrose said that the current system for handling remote gambling is not working. He also added that overseas companies are getting an unfair advantage against UK based companies, and consumers from Britain who gamble online have little or the worst, no protection with foreign companies.

So to conclude, John Penrose is calling for changes in United Kingdom gambling laws in order to give British citizens a protection while they are making transactions with foreign companies. He we will do what it takes to push the bill whether it involves taxes or not. In my opinion, I certainly don't see anything wrong with this. However, It would surely take a long time for his proposals to be imposed.

There are no additional online gambling news on how he will make something to attract overseas companies after his proposal is approved.

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