Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yoga's Great Effects In Playing Poker

Yoga, is defined as discipline of mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of our body. The main goal of this activity is to attain the perfect or highest state of spiritual insight and peace. We are most likely familiar with this activity but there are only few who realize its great effects in our life like making our mind ready for heavy studies, preparing our body for playing games, it also affects one's career, promote good sleep, also can help us in our profession, enjoyable sex life with our lifetime partners, and believe it or not, Yoga can also help us in playing poker!

Poker player, Cyndy Violette has included Yoga as a big part of her poker skills. She believe that Yoga can be considered as the only thing that can help us anytime and anywhere to acquire max energy, sharp concentration, and perfection of skills. And now, I have read articles and some online gambling news that there are people who had their experience on how yoga affected their skills in playing poker, and I think it's a good idea to share it with other poker lovers:

Focused and Sharp Concentration

In playing poker, whether it is real or online poker, having a focused concentration is very important because try to ask a professional poker player about the factors that 'caused him/her to win, I'm 100% sure that she/he will include his/her deep concentration ability. In this case, yoga also plays a big role in acquiring a very sharp concentration that no one can disturb you. Through doing a meditation using certain yoga poses you will be able to get the highest point of concentration that you can use to win in playing poker specially if you are competing in a big live poker tournament.

Peaceful and Calm Mind

Playing poker with tensed or stressful mind will only lead to a big loss. You might lose your game or the worst, all your money. But  bright side is here, doing some yoga poses like Padmasana and Shavasana will definitely help you to control your mind and make it calm as a sea. And in addition, actually almost all yoga positions were designed to calm one's mind and does not allow your mind to get stressed. It also helps you to react calmly even in a very worst or toughest situations. This is one of the biggest secrets of a professional poker player's success. You just have to spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day and you will surely have a very calm and highly competitive mind.

Healthy Body

Why? Imagine that you are playing poker with unhealthy body or with diseases, you will only waste your time and money with that. But with yoga, you can avoid sickness that will hinder you to win because yoga can provide you a very healthy and beautiful body which is a big factor in having a clear concentration and clam mind which also help you in making proper decisions at the right time to earn good momentum to win.

Overall, yoga promotes great discipline in playing poker. Even if you're playing online casino games that require sharp thinking and good decisions, yoga is a good alternative with almost no cost. So what you're waiting for? Start learning yoga and start winning in poker and all casino games you want!

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