Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Online Gambling News Updates In Greece, Germany, and Spain

In the past few months, online casino gaming news in some European countries have became the hottest news in online gambling market. And as I search for another information about them, I have found out that there have been some improvements and re-sessions happened in their online gambling regulations. 

We all know that Germany, Greece, and Spain became the headlines for quite a long time because of the issues that they faced few months ago. These countries are on the edge of some form of adjusted online gambling regimes. Let's see what developments these countries have made:

Greece wants to have a state-controlled online gambling

In Greece, they are in a hurry to push forward its plan of state-controlled online gambling in order for them to provide some of the funds that it had committed to raise. The Greek betting monopoly OPAP, in which the state is owning 34%, filed a report together with the stock. The report was stating that its board was already agreed to the Greek governments recommendation. Under the terms of agreement, OPAP will pay €935 million to the government. 

And for the adjustment agreement to exclusively operate eleven games until 2030, they will have to pay €375 million for it and another €560 million will be paid for them to own the right to launch 35,000 video lottery machines. And out of the second amount (€560 million), OPAP will immediately pay the government €474 million for the signing of contract while it will take only 24 months for them to pay the remaining amount upon the effect of the permits. The agreement is now subject to final approval by the shareholders of OPAP before it totally finalized.

Spain Released a list of authorized companies that will provide gambling licenses

Let's now go to Spain. The Spanish National Gambling Commission has already released a list of companies they have authorized to give approval and certification to their respected applicants for online gambling licenses. Two of the most popular in the list are the NMI Metrology & Gaming Limited and Spain 2 TestLabs BMM. This is also to follow the Spanish Council giving approval to the ministerial order establishing the technical requirements for the equipping of online gambling activities, earlier to applying licenses. 

From start of November 14, all applications from prospect online gambling operators will be accepted. Preliminary testings on Internal Control Systems will be conducted to all applicants to ensure accurate transaction data transmission to the National Gambling Commission. Also more vast based information and gaming system certification will be followed in the next 4 months.

Germany Still on its gambling agreement with the EC

I have tackled the online gambling news in Germany last August. And unfortunately now, I think it will still be a long journey with their online gambling treaty. Germany has taken a few steps back because the present national agreement on online gambling will expire at the end of this year. 

Two German states have already broken away and are planning to establish a European Commission approved online gambling management. While the remaining states have had their motion on online gambling that has been rejected by the EC. And because of this matter, Federal Court of Justice in Germany announced that they will have a series of appeals that have been brought by online gambling companies like Bwin. 

The court support the prohibition on private-sector companies from operating online casino sites. Judge Joachim Bornkamm has justified the decision on account of obscurity of the gambler, lack of social control, and the ability to access any time. Bwin chose to respond to the judgment stating that they have violated the rules of EC and cannot sustain. The online gambling operator considers filing a constitutional complaint. But any response to a certain complaint would be allowed only by the end of the year.

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