Friday, September 16, 2011

Online Gambling Resolution In Denmark

Danish players and the Denmark gambling authority who were expecting for their online gambling regulation will now have a response from the European Union and might not wait too much longer. I was searching for online gambling news when I passed through this one and it got me. Denmark is doing it's best to convince the EU to allow them to compete in online gambling market.

 Denmark have released reports that they were very confident that the European Union will give their statement about the online gambling law that the Danish Authority has proposed by the end or early after this year. But few months back, the European Court was expected to have control on a discrimination complaint in June but the EU decided to delay it. However, the court now is back in session and it is expected to give more priority on that particular complaint.

What about that complaint? Well, we all know that the battle between land based and online casinos are totally intense. The complaint came from the operator of Royal Casino and also from the slot machine association in Denmark. For instance, the Royal Casino is one of the most popular brick and mortar casino which is located at Aarhus, Denmark.

Go back with the news, they are complaining that the online gambling proposal was very unfair because the rate of online gambling operators will become much lower than the rate for brick and mortar casinos. Online Gambling pros proposed 20% tax rate on online casino operators which was found unfair by the land based casino operators because their current tax is 41% which is quite unfair and If I were them, I would feel upset too.

But the worst thing about this is that, there is no proposal that has been made to lower the rate of the land based casinos. I don't know why brick and mortar casino owners didn't proposed it. According to them, the proposal will be creating an unfair competition in Denmark's gambling market because they are already seeing what will happen. Of course, there will be a great imbalance in the competition and the online casino owners will surely dominate the market because of the low tax rate.

The legislation has been passed back in 2010 and the newly liberalized gambling market's regulation was set and expected to take effect starting January 2011 supposedly. On the other side, complaints from brick and mortar casino owners to the EU about the fairness of the tax rate have been delayed, but gambling analysts in Denmark still believe that their country will have a new and liberalized online casino industry next year.

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