Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Online Gambling Advertising On Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest and   popular social networking sites in the world nowadays. Multi-million users are so attracted in this networking site. And this past few days, I've got an information that it has opened up an online gambling advertisement on their site. And yes! It was confirmed! This is a great news for gambling lovers and it was totally amazed me because Facebook is so strict and not allowing any advertisements that pertain to gambling.

I've learned that they want to increase their advertising revenue that's why they have decided to change their policies and allow gambling advertisement. For an online casino site owner, this is really a good news because they will have the opportunity for their site to have a great exposure. However, there are still lots of rules that need to be followed if you want to get their gambling advertisement service. The good thing is, the rules are very reasonable because they are more likely the same with the local gambling laws.

We all know that online gambling is illegal in the United States. And to abide with the laws, all advertisements are only allowed to target users outside the USA. Skill-based gambling games such as bingo, sports books or online casinos Ads are only permitted in countries which are allowing those variation of gambling. Lotteries and casino sites that are licensed and back-up by the government are also allowed to be advertised on Facebook. In short, it will depend on the jurisdiction of the government if they will sanction a particular ads to be displayed to an audience.

Land-based casinos were not taken for granted. Again, advertisements that promote this kind of casinos are only permitted in a country that allows gambling. Good thing about this, is that the ads can only be targeted or will show to FB users 18 years of age or above. The site will also require the advertisers to have a deal directly through an advertising and sales partnership with FB and also they will require a minimum of $30,000 investment per month.

Some were confused by these recent updates that have made by Facebook and said that FB has enabled pages for internet gambling for years now. Facebook is not considering fan and business pages a form of advertising and enable them without any restrictions depends on the type of business that has done as long as that particular company is following the rules laid the Facebook.

Users in the United States will not be affected badly by these changes that have been made by Facebook. They will just now see Ads for casinos in Las Vegas and other states where casinos are legal. This would also include other forms of gambling like dog and horse racing, casinos that can be found in reservations, and other gambling stuffs. However, it was not stated that they are also allowing online gambling news to be flashed along with their gambling advertisements.

I'm very sure that these changes will encourage other social networking sites to open their own gambling advertisements and set out their own standards and guidelines regarding on this matter. It's just good to think that Facebook has made a great changes and became the pioneer in opening a gambling advertisement in a social networking website.

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