Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Online Gambling News In Germany

In the past few days, there have been online gambling news involving the biggest countries and cities, like Italy, Greece, and few states in the United states of America that shocked the online gambling world. Also included one of the biggest and popular poker sites in the world, the Full Tilt Poker who have undergone lots of big troubles few months back.

So while I'm all up to date with those countries and some particular online casino sites, I realized that I have not heard some gambling news in Germany in a while. So I think It would be much better for me to check what is happening out there.
I last heard about Germany was that their their agreement between the European Union and other countries was coming due at the end of 2011. The states of Germany have to meet together for them to come up an agreement on how to properly manage an online gambling expansion and their monopoly on online gambling that run by their states.

For those who have not read or heard the news, the Germans pushed back their online gambling decision or their latest State Treaty On Gaming which they wanted to only allow the state-own gambling businesses to offer gambling to citizens. Last June, they forced to pushed back their decision because according to the European Union, the current German contract that time was not consistent and considered as “incompatible with EU law”. These are the reasons why it has not met with the approval from EU.

Now, Germany has extended its period status for online gambling and casinos operations. And now, they are still waiting to hear the views of the EU Commission, the United Kingdom and the Malta. Seeking the advice of European Commission is understood in light of absence of agreement between what really the Germans want and what the European Union is saying is law. While seeking the views and opinions of the Malta and the United Kingdom, The UK is considered as one of the most popular in operating markets while Malta is one of the best online casino regulators in gambling industry.

But this doesn't mean that the Germans were against to online gambling. In fact, one of their football clubs, the turkiyemspor Berlin had recently made a deal for sponsorship with Betfair, one of the leading online casino operators. And part of the deal was the football team will put the logo of Betfair in front of their jerseys. The deal was made for the forthcoming season that will last for a year and after that, there will be an option for renewal which was subjected for discussion at that time.

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