Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Online Bingo Software To Be Released

Microgaming and Rival Gaming, two of the most popular and biggest internet casino software providers in online gambling industry have just recently announced new online bingo software. The giants of online casino software announced new online bingo games that will be available in the upcoming months. They have not announced the exact date of the release but they assure everyone that these software will offer unique spins and will bring intense excitement for online bingo enthusiasts, and just like the other online gambling news sites, I will look forward as to when they are going to release those casino software officially.

What I have learned is that Microgaming called its software “Bingo+ Plus”. They have made this software customizable, so that every casino site that will purchase this software can customize it and make it different from other casino sites that will purchase the same software. But the Bingo+ Plus is not yet licensed to all casino sites since it was rolled out in June but was said to be licensed to more internet gambling sites this coming September.

On the other hand, Rival Gaming has also announced that they have released their new online bingo software named “Instant Bingo Software”. According to them, the software will be allowing players to play online bingo with 30, 75, 80, or 90 balls depending on what the player wants. The different number of balls will give the game a different speed and different types of game play. For instance, 75-ball bingo is the most popular variation of bingo in the United States, while the 90-ball bingo is more popular variation in Europe, more likely in UK.

In additions to the different number of balls, the new online bingo software will be having a different range of payout tables and will also feature either manual of automatic daubing or marking of your cards and customizable speeds. This means that players will enable to manage up to 100 different cards at once. The software features automatic ordering of cards for players to keep track of all their cards. Another thing about this software is that it arrange the cards and set the ones that have the best odds at the top of the set of cards, which means an advantage for the player.

I'm sure that these software will definitely make online bingo a more exciting game to play not only for the elderly ones, but also for young adult online gamblers who love to play bingo. With the help of these new online casino software, and the their makers, this game will surely continue to grow to become one of the most popular and thrilling online gambling games in the industry. I will get you updated with this online gambling news, specially with the official release of these software.

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